Providing Connections To Shape A Digital Future

A wave of digitisation is sweeping our world and increasingly shaping and altering how we act and live, our homes and workplaces, businesses, public facilities and spaces – even entire cities.

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Digital technologies are everywhere. Everything communicates: people with devices, devices with other devices, buildings with people, and buildings with other buildings. It’s up to us to shape our digital future to yield the greatest benefits.

Connectivity is the means for all digital communication.
It’s the essence of Lindy.

At Lindy we’re convinced that, if we have the right ideas and persevere, we can protect the environment while enjoying safer, more rewarding lives. The basis for doing so, and the intelligence behind it, can be summed up in one word: connectivity. This is the prerequisite for all communication. And we are working to forge connections and make the whole universe of content available anywhere and in any setting.

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We create the connections for your content and creativity.
In all its diversity. In any place. In any environment.

For more than eight decades, connectivity has been the core of and the driving force behind our activities. We provide state-of-the-art technologies and products that bring people and media together. And we accomplish this by connecting, sharing and converting analogue and digital signals while constantly extending the limits of transmission.

Through it all, we think holistically and make sure that all components smoothly integrate. We develop intelligent, combined connectivity solutions to progressively merge our IT and AV worlds.

Our expertise and large product portfolio gives us maximum flexibility for delivering solutions.

Digital technologies are irreversibly transforming the world’s markets. They are also giving us new perspectives and enabling us to support our customers even more effectively and systematically. And that really energises us at Lindy.

No matter what our business partners and customers require, we leverage our combined connectivity solutions to boost their competitiveness.



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