Cables for industrial applications – Lindy’s new Anthra Line

Lindy, a global supplier of combined connectivity solutions and professional AV & IT systems has introduced its new Anthra Line Type C standard USB 3.1 cables. Not only do they offer higher data transfer rates, they are also easier to connect and deliver more features and performance than their predecessors. In addition, they are able to transport audio and video data streams. The Anthra Line USB, HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI cables provide reliable data transfer in commercial AV and IT environments. The Anthra Line Type C to Type C cable also supports SuperSpeed+, which allows data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps.

All products within the Anthra Line feature high quality gold-plated contacts and 24-karat gold connectors for optimal signal integrity and maximum reliability. Build quality is everything and the Anthra Line cables are a safe and reliable cable option for professional installations in AV and IT environments.

The type C (or USB-C standard) USB cable supports all previous transmission specifications including USB 3.1 as well as USB Power Delivery (5 Ampere charging current and 20 Volt charging voltage). This results in smaller workstations being supplied with a maximum of 100 watts of rated power.

Another benefit of this Type C to Type C USB cable is the new point-symmetric 24 PIN connector, which allows it to be plugged in in both orientations, making find a connection far easier than before.

Full Super Speed + support
These cables support SuperSpeed+. SuperSpeed+ adds a 10Gbps speed mode, which uses more efficient data encoding and delivers more than twice the effective data transfer performance of existing SuperSpeed USB devices through enhanced, backwards compatible USB ports and cables.

“Professional applications require professional cables. The Anthra Line is a connectivity solution for professional AV and IT installations designed and tested for commercial AV and IT applications integrators.” Explains Christian Westenhöfer, Lindy’s Head of Global Marketing & Brand Management.

Technical specifications: “Type C to Type” USB cable

  • SuperSpeed+, USB 3.1, 10 Gbps; 10 years warranty
  • Charging current: 5 amps
  • Connector A: USB 3.1 Type C Male Connector
  • Connector B: USB 3.1 Type C Male Connector
  • Coating of the connector: 24K gold plated
  • PIN construction: copper
  • PIN Plating: 24K gold plated

The Anthra Line USB 3.1 cable Type C to C (5A) is available in lengths from 0.5m to 1.5m.

Anthra Line cables are aimed at commercial AV and IT applications. They are part of Lindy’s new product line, Cable Lines. “Cable Lines” products are offered in four variants, each covering a specific market segment and therefore different in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness: Gold Line, Cromo Line, Anthra Line, Black Line.