Today we’re experiencing a shift towards more intelligent, efficient and purposeful work. Thanks to advanced technologies, it’s now possible to use office space more effectively, creating the basis for remote and mobile work. And this trend is gaining momentum. Likewise, as the market share of desktop PCs dwindles, that of notebooks, netbooks, ultrabooks and tablet computers is soaring. The crucial thing, however, is a system’s connectivity, which is accomplished with cables and other accessories. These are what make it possible for data to be processed, scanned, copied, saved, printed and sent to displays or overhead projectors.

connectivity defined

Cable connectivity is in Lindy’s DNA. With a huge range of digital and analogue cable and adapter products, Lindy can meet the needs of almost any installation or large-scale project. From simple USB, Ethernet and power cables to our highest performance, long distance Gold HDMI and fibre optic hybrid connections, Lindy connectivity can be the essential conduit for collaborative working to support the digital transformation.



Lindy’s comprehensive suite of converter products give both home and office users the freedom to integrate existing legacy devices into digital installations. Lindy provides a wide range of ‘out of the box’ solutions for easily converting between modern digital and legacy analogue audio and video interfaces. Essential tools for home cinema applications, BYOD digital working in offices, conference rooms, huddle spaces, break rooms and more.

designing the

optimal workplace

The workplace of the future places new demands on enterprises and homes. But armed with solutions from Lindy, customers can design optimal workplaces for their staff. We do more than provide the equipment needed to ensure that all data can always be retrieved, whether a user is travelling, putting in hours at the firm or working in a home office. Our leading-edge, high-performance connectivity technologies let us make work environments more ergonomic, so that employees will be happier and do their jobs more efficiently.

sharing resources

Sharing technology from Lindy represents the ultimate in hardware-based resource consolidation. Using advanced KVM switches, operators can control multiple servers and workstations from a single console. By leveraging IP technology, worldwide control is possible – including power switching using Lindy IPower systems. 

For the digital workspace, Lindy USB hubs and docking stations provide the perfect companion for the modern mobile and office working environment.


For flexible display, keyboard, mouse and control surface installation, Lindy supply a comprehensive choice of custom brackets and stands that can be conveniently mounted to desks or walls according to the user’s requirements. Modular systems allow completely bespoke, adjustable workspace solutions to be implemented.

supporting mobile working

To support the increasing trend in BYOD workplace connectivity, Lindy provides a huge range of handy, portable converters and adapters to support a whole range of applications. USB Type C converters can utilise USB Type C Alternate Mode to connect a user’s laptop to a world of target devices providing power up to 100W, 5Gbps USB data transfer rates, and the simultaneous transfer of 4K video and audio data. By using the Type C connection Lindy can provide support for DisplayPort, HDMI and Thunderbolt connections.








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