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USB technology is, as its name indicates, a universal connection. However, many businesses and institutions still rely on older technology and complex systems that feature multiple different connection types alongside USB devices. In these situations USB conversion technology is a cost-effective solution to multiple problems.

USB converters

& adapters

Lindy’s USB conversion solutions utilize built-in electronics to convert USB signals to other interfaces and vice versa. This technology allows users to connect USB devices to legacy systems or integrate USB into complex applications that use multiple interfaces.


USB technology can be added to older interfaces where legacy connections may be present. It may not make sense to replace these older connections as they are still fully operational or provide a necessary function within the system. Replacing these older connections or devices can result in a loss of functionality and high costs as parts are unnecessarily replaced.


Lindy’s range of USB adapters and converters can be used
to connect everything from serial and audio to SATA and VGA. This allows users to add additional equipment in a cost-effective way without replacing an entire system at once.


type c hubs

Lindy’s range of USB C converters also provide a simple and neat way of connecting multiple display interfaces and USB peripherals to a laptop using a single USB Type C port. Perfect for creating hot desk installations or for remote working at home.


Lindy USB Conversion technologies are ideally suited for industrial, commercial, educational and home environments such as remote working and industrial process controls due to their cost effectiveness.





usb type c

to multi av converter

Allows users to connect a DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI or VGA device to a USB Type C port. Supports HDMI and DP resolutions up to 4K@60Hz, VGA and DVI up to 1920×1200@60Hz. Easily connect  a single legacy or modern display at any one time. Perfect for remote working.


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