Modular Seamless AV Matrix System

Highly Flexible Configurable Switch for HDMI and HDBaseT

Lindy’s 12 slot modular AV matrix system combines a highly flexible modular concept with seamless AV switching, integrated signal conversion and signal distance extension using HDBaseT. Every standard combination is possible, from one input to eleven outputs to eleven inputs to one output. Inputs and outputs can be configured in any combination as HDMI or HDBaseT ports.

Not all slots need to be occupied by boards. For example if only a few inputs and outputs are used in the initial phase of an installation, the slots that are not required can remain unused for later use. This creates a configurable and expandable system, which can be used at any time and be tailored to the requirements of the application.

The seamless matrix switch with rapid switching times under 0.1ms.

4K Resolutions and Conversion Included

The system internally supports high resolution AV content at data rates up to 18Gbps. HDMI input and output boards can switch full 18G bandwidth with resolutions up to 4096×2160@60Hz 4:4:4 8Bit. The HDBaseT boards support HDBaseT specification 2.0 10.2G resolutions up to 4096×2160@60Hz 4:2:0 8Bit or 4096×2160@30Hz 4:4:4 8Bit. Conversions and up or downscaling from one resolution to another are implicit in mixed configurations. If Cat 6A cables are used for the HDBaseT transmissions, distances up to 100m can be bridged, if Cat 5e or Cat 6 cables are used then 70m is the maximum distance.

The 12 slots can be equipped with either HDMI or HDBaseT input or output boards with one port each.

Variable Handling of Audio Signals

Audio signals can either be sent to the inputs using the standard HDMI or HDBaseT input or as separate audio signals, which are then embedded in the internal AV data stream on the input board. In the same way they can be decoupled at the outputs as PCM 2.0, or users can leave them embedded in the data stream and send them directly to the display or the HDBaseT receiver. For example, video content can be shown on changing displays, while the audio data is always output via the in-house external sound system.

Thanks to the seamless switching technology, the switching times can be reduced to less than 0.1ms. This minimises the screen-off times on the displays during each switching operation to such an extent that they are no longer perceptible to the viewer. This is particularly important in the professional TV studio sector. For the transmission of copy-protected content, the switch also supports HDCP 2.2.

Integrated Network and Power Supply

The switch routes the Fast Ethernet integrated in HDBaseT with the 5Play concept to all ports. In this way, Ethernet can be routed from a network connection near a source device to all displays via the switch using an Ethernet-capable HDBaseT transmitter – for example, for video streaming from the Internet. This also works via the HDMI ports, provided that the HDMI cable used corresponds to the “High Speed with Ethernet” category. All HDBaseT ports also support PoH, i.e. they can supply power to PoH-capable HDBaseT transmitters or receivers via the connecting Cat. cable. This eliminates the need for an additional socket installation on site.

With this product, Lindy is addressing a wide range of ambitious users in the professional AV sector, for example for video editing, in TV studios but also in the surveillance and monitoring sector or for catering entertainment through to digital signage or smart home applications.

An ideal environment for the Matrix is connected homes & offices.


The system, consisting of the Switch Unit and the separately available input and output boards, will be on display at ISE 2020 and can then be ordered from our experts, who will be happy to give you detailed advice in advance, or directly from the Lindy Webshop, starting around the end of February 2020.