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Welcome to the future of AV technology! Explore the limitless possibilities of SDVoE (Software Defined Video over Ethernet), currently revolutionizing the transmission of audiovisual content. SDVoE is not just a new standard; it’s a groundbreaking technology that redefines how we see, hear, and share content.

With SDVoE, the transmission of high-resolution video, audio, and control commands over conventional Ethernet networks becomes possible. Experience unparalleled flexibility and scalability while enjoying top-notch picture and sound quality. Forget about cable clutter and expensive hardware upgrades – SDVoE allows you to optimize your AV setup simply and cost-effectively.

The future of AV integration is here. Whether in businesses, educational institutions, or entertainment spaces, SDVoE offers the ideal solution for every use case.

AV management via network

with 2 universally deployable products

The system consists of controller and transceiver modules. Transceivers can function as either encoders or decoders for connecting to source or display devices. The controller oversees the entire installation and can be configured via a web browser. Signal preview and drag & drop are supported within the GUI. The system can be deployed in both fiber-optic and copper networks, supporting PoE for easy installation and scalability.

SDVoE Controller Unit (No. 38364)

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SDVoE Transceiver Unit (No. 38365)

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The combination of just two products in different operating modes opens up a multitude of possibilities. The transceiver operates in either encoding or decoding mode, configured as either a transmitter or a receiver. Two such transceivers already enable the setup of an IP-based extender system. But that’s just the beginning. In combination with the controller unit, it’s possible to establish splitter systems displaying content on multiple displays, video walls with up to 8 x 8 displays, and complete matrix switch systems with spatially distributed displays. The controller takes care of network-based control and signal routing. At the source and destination devices, only one transceiver in the appropriate mode, either as an encoder (transmitter) or a decoder (receiver), needs to be configured.

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EASY DEPLOYMENT. Take advantage of the straightforward configuration and flexible capabilities of the Lindy SDVoE system. Thanks to the user-friendly SDVoE web interface of the controller, system setup becomes remarkably simple for users. The system’s versatility allows for point-to-point, matrix, and video wall setups, ensuring compatibility in various AV environments such as classrooms, conference rooms, or digital signage installations.

FLEXIBLE. The system can be seamlessly integrated into an existing network with maximum flexibility in terms of installation and configuration by connecting to a 10G network switch via a standard Cat. 6a or higher copper cable or by using an SFP+ fiber optic module (not included).

CONVENIENT. The Lindy SDVoE Controller provides centralized control, simplifying the management and monitoring of your AV-over-IP system from a single location. Effortlessly configure audio/video routing, create custom presets, and adjust device settings. Real-time monitoring identifies and addresses issues on the fly, ensuring optimized performance and minimal downtime.

SEAMLESS. The ability to transmit USB peripheral device data streams along with the video signal is ideal for interactive AV and KVM applications. Additionally, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for additional power supplies, streamlining installations.



As a member of the SDVoE Alliance, a non-profit consortium comprised of renowned technology providers, we contribute to standardizing, advancing, and promoting this groundbreaking technology.

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