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Large companies, public services such as radio and television broadcasters, data centres and utilities, and law enforcement and transport authorities all need solutions for monitoring and administering their networks. Server environments are currently growing by leaps and bounds. And this trend is set to accelerate in future. More and more computers need to be accommodated and efficiently managed in less and less space.


Exploding data volumes, multiple IP and analogue video streams, and countless content and signal sources around the globe call for efficient control using a mouse, keyboard and one or more displays. Particularly in server environments, there is therefore a need for future­proof, modular control solutions that can be easily scaled
up as required.

next generation control

At Lindy, we draw on our large product portfolio to ensure connectivity in customers’ control rooms. They are enabled to visualise and analyse large data volumes 24/7 and make decisions in real time. In addition, our solutions support and comply with the proliferating standards and specifications for designing next ­generation control rooms.



Our huge range of AV and KVM switching products allow operators to control multiple shared resources from a single console. High bandwidth data and high resolution video are supported as standard. For workstation and server sharing, additional advanced functions allow remote and local console operation via Cat.X connections and over IP. Matrix video switches provide advanced options for switching between multiple source devices and multiple target displays.


& distribution

Lindy Cat.X, fibre optic, HDBaseT, IP and Matrix distribution solutions provide a powerful suite of products that support incredible transmission distances throughout a building and beyond. Cat.X extenders provide a cost effective, reliable system that is quick and simple to deploy. Fibre optic extenders extend high resolution signals over incredibly long distance point-to-point connections without any compression and with total immunity to electrical interference. The Lindy HDBaseT range can utilise a single Cat.X cable to distribute a range of data and control signals including digital video, audio, 100Base-T Ethernet, power, RS232 and USB. Lindy’s IP range can use a facility’s existing cable and network infrastructure, or operate on a standalone infrastructure to distribute simple AV signals or complex video wall set ups over long distances using a large number of displays.  


& display

Lindy Video Wall controllers provide a wealth of flexibility for control room visualisation. A variety of solutions are available to power up to Ultra HD 2×2, 4×4, 8×8 and irregular display arrays. Powerful management and display configuration tools support multi window, Picture-in-Picture, Picture-and-Picture and full matrix control. Web GUI, IR, RS232 and Telnet support provides flexible control options and integrations with 3rd party systems and software.

remote operation

& sharing

For total remote control, Lindy KVM Extenders, KVM over IP and IPower switches provide desktop, local and worldwide operation of systems, workstations and servers. KVM control allows operating system, BIOS and diagnostic level access whilst remote power switching allows power to multiple devices to be cycled and monitored for troubleshooting and remote maintenance.


& ergonomics

For flexible display, keyboard, mouse and control surface installation, Lindy supply a comprehensive choice of custom brackets and stands that can be conveniently mounted to desks or walls according to the facility requirements. Modular systems allow completely bespoke, adjustable mounting solutions to be implemented by the customer or system integrator.

area of application:

industry & process control

take total control

KVM Extenders and Fibre Optic Hybrid Cables can be combined within industrial and process control to create, versatile and powerful solutions capable of being used over the longest distances. 

kvm extenders

robust. reliable. scalable.

Professional KVM Extender systems for industrial use need three things: a robust design, 100% reliability and flexible scalability. Our systems meet every expectation, because the sets of the KVM Extender Series can be flexibly fitted with either copper or fibre optic cables depending on the distances involved, and their functional scope can be expanded by enabling various pre-installed options. Every application and environment is different, after all.


In industrial production, it’s important to be able to monitor and control all automated processes from a central control room. The KVM Extender Series do an excellent job of transmitting camera images and control signals between a console, a computer and the controlled systems. To make sure that signals arrive at the console optimally, it’s advisable to choose the fibre optic version: an ideal choice for stepping up to Industry 4.0.


For remote control tasks – for example, using cranes at construction sites or to load containers onto ships – it’s typically necessary to position KVM consoles at a distance of between 80 and 120 metres. Besides a keyboard and mouse, USB remote control and an on­site camera are required. The ideal solution is the basic model of our KVM Extender Series. It is able to transmit a DVI video signal plus USB 2.0 for the keyboard, mouse and USB remote control over a Cat.6 Ethernet cable up to 130 metres long.

4k hybrid fibre optic hdmi cables

the best of both worlds

It takes expertise to manufacture a transmission line with the required precision and technical properties for 4K content with 4:4:4 colour space at 60Hz. Hybrid cables split the HDMI signal into two parts: the AV content itself, which is sent over optical fibres with a bandwidth of 18Gbps, and the far less capacity hungry control signals, for which copper conductors are adequate.

fibre optic technology 

in industry & process control

Thanks to the use of robust, corrosion resistant materials such as zinc alloys for the connectors, this hybrid cable easily withstands harsh industrial environments, for example for connecting displays at production lines and in CNC control booths. 

Fibre optic technology makes this hybrid cable for high frequency AV signals extremely EMI resistant and low radiation. It is therefore ideally suited for use in sensitive environments such as medical technology or industrial plants.

area of application:

computer & data centres

upgrade your


Modern computer & data centres often require large scale monitoring and remote access capabilities across multiple systems. The Lindy KVM Pro series features optional upgrades to help facilitate matrix switching and long distances data transmission in these environments.


If the matrix switching option is implemented by installing an upgrade, up to 24 computers and 24 workplaces can be linked via a gigabit network switch to create a distributed matrix system. The ability to change the connections using hotkeys or OSD is important, as is password protected user administration, grouping of multiple screens into multi­head displays, and a sharing mode in which multiple users can access the same computer.


Use of a permanently installed extender system allows instant switching without any time delays, resulting in a seamless switching system with distributed intelligence. Use of appropriate switches also makes it possible mix Cat.6 and fibre optic sets of the KVM Extender Series, for example for distributing the system across several buildings. The ideal approach for monitoring and remote access throughout large corporate facilities.

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