Digital signage applications are used to quickly and securely convey and attractively visualise content. Both information and presentation solutions fall into this category. The retail sector is fast becoming one of the most important vertical markets for applications of this kind. They help create multimedia presentations that powerfully and attractively communicate advertising messages. Crucial here is that prospective customers are targeted on-site, so there is a close connection between purchasing decisions and the shopping experience. Digital signage applications therefore play a key role and have potential for significantly boosting sales. Our combined solutions make it possible to simultaneously and cost-effectively play brand and advertising messages on one or several displays in multiple environments.

setting the standard

At Lindy we set standards with the exceptional quality, connectivity, reliability and uptime of our products. They enable organisations to achieve major time and cost savings in connection with running and maintaining applications. We also offer complete end-to-end solutions. These allow customers to transmit high-resolution content, also over large distances, and present it on individual or multiple displays or custom-tailored video walls. As a result, digital signage applications are now pioneering a new frontier in advertising and brand marketing.

versatility in design

Presentation and information solutions from Lindy are specifically designed for use in public spaces and meet all of the relevant requirements. Customers especially benefit in the realms of corporate communication (lobbies and showrooms), digital signage and out-of-home advertising (at airports, railway stations etc.), retailing, hospitality (hotels, events, multipurpose rooms etc.), medical & healthcare, education and so on.


& display

Lindy video wall controllers provide a wealth of flexibility for digital signage and display applications. A variety of solutions are available to power up to Ultra HD 2×2, 4×4, 8×8 and irregular display arrays. Powerful management and display configuration tools support multi window, Picture-in-Picture, Picture-and-Picture and full matrix control. Web GUI, IR, RS232 and Telnet support provides flexible control options and integrations with 3rd party systems and software.


& distribution

Lindy Cat.X, fibre optic, HDBaseT, IP and Matrix distribution solutions provide a powerful suite of products that support incredible transmission distances throughout a building and beyond. Cat.X extenders provide a cost effective, reliable system that is quick and simple to deploy. Fibre optic extenders extend high resolution signals over incredibly long distance point-to-point connections without any compression and with total immunity to electrical interference. The Lindy HDBaseT range can utilise a single Cat.X cable to distribute a range of data and control signals including digital video, audio, 100Base-T Ethernet, power, RS232 and USB. Lindy’s IP range can use a facility’s existing cable and network infrastructure, or operate on a standalone infrastructure to distribute simple AV signals or complex video wall set ups over long distances using a large number of displays.

signal switching

A wide range of AV and KVM switching products allow operators to control multiple shared resources from a single console. High bandwidth data and high resolution video are supported as standard. For workstation and server sharing, additional advanced functions allow remote and local console operation via Cat.X connections and over IP. Matrix video switches provide advanced options for switching between multiple source devices and multiple target displays. 

conversion technology

Lindy’s comprehensive suite of converter products allow system integrators and designers the freedom to create installations using existing legacy devices combined with the latest in digital technology. Lindy provides a wide range of ‘out of the box’ solutions for easily converting between modern digital and older analogue audio and video interfaces.

areas of application:


corporate visions

made real

AV devices are powerful tools when creating and presenting a brand image. Corporate visions can be made real with high resolution displays and powerful video processors working behind-the-scenes.

perfection in 4k

flexible video wall scaler

This flexible video wall scaler sets new standards of creativity for video walls. Preconfigured screen arrays, cascading and user-friendly on-screen displays enable countless configurations, from geometrical across unusual to highly unconventional and/or asymmetrical. Specially designed for use in retail, advertising, commercial and hospitality contexts, it supports a large number of predefined presets for arranging and orientating displays in different ways. In combination with other AV products – fibre-optic extenders and HDMI switches, for example – this paves the way for highly complex application scenarios with multiple sources for delivering variable video content and transmitting signals across large distances for back office solutions.


& quality

Image-enhancing large-format video walls are all the rage in areas which are predestined for public use, like company foyers or hotel lobbies. Whether the aim is to impress visitors with visionary corporate themes or entertain guests with spectacular video sequences or thrilling landscapes, video walls spanning eight, twelve or even more displays are a breeze to implement thanks to the cascading capabilities of this video wall scaler. It actually makes it possible to integrate up to an amazing 40 displays, making it thoroughly future-proof for realising even the boldest ideas. This eliminates all constraints on the possibilities for creatively arranging and positioning the displays.

areas of application:

hospitality & trade fair

the nucleus

of av installations

Simple, powerful and scalable solutions are at the heart of many trade fairs or hospitality solutions. AV installations in these environments rely on powerful matrix switches to centrally control the distribution of content.

modular control centre

32×32 modular matrix switch

The AV interfaces of most content servers can be a mixture of
HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT and VGA interfaces. These need to be combined, switched, split and possibly converted in order to output them to displays with modern AV ports. The modular matrix switch accomplishes all this and much more. Featuring 32 input ports and 32 output ports organised in four AV interface boards with eight ports each, the matrix can be easily and flexibly tailored to meet the interface requirements of the local server and display environment. For virtually any application scenario – in industrial or process control rooms, in data centres, for information systems (for example at airports and railway stations), in digital signage or in “digital out of home” applications (such as sports stadiums or public screenings), its modular design makes it a genuine all-rounder.

av management for

events & trade fairs

When there’s a need or wish to back up a trade fair
or other event with multimedia content, a powerful set
of instruments for delivering content to displays is in
order. This matrix switch’s modular design enables it
to easily convert and manage 4K AV signals in large-
scale applications of this kind.

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