150m Cat.6 HDBaseT Matrix Extender

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This new HDBaseT matrix extender (Lindy No. 38345) combines 4 x 4 HDMI matrix switches and four HDBaseT extender systems into a single comprehensive all-in-one solution and enables switching between the four source devices and target displays at will, as well as the spatial distribution of the displays up to 150m away from the switch.

HDBaseT-Matrix-Extender-System Front
Lindy No. 38345 – Frontside main unit & HDBaseT receiver

4×4 Switch

The centrepiece of the system is the 19″ main unit with the integrated 4×4 matrix switch. With a bandwidth of 18Gbit/s, it supports resolutions up to 4K60 (3840×2160@60Hz 8Bit 4:4:4). The control system allows the four HDMI inputs to be freely switched to any one or more of the four HDMI outputs. Switching is possible either directly via the control buttons on the front of the device, via IR remote control, via RS-232 commands (to integrate the matrix extender into larger control environments) or via the integrated web GUI.


All In One Solution

Long Distance

Each of the four outputs can be connected to a local HDMI display via HDMI output or remotely to one of the four supplied HDBaseT receivers at a distance of up to 150 metres from the main unit via HDBaseT and a low-cost Cat.6 cable – which turns the entire system into a matrix extender. Of course, both paths also work simultaneously. In digital signage or DooH scenarios, for example, where 4K displays are fed with content over long distances, local monitoring displays can be set up very easily.

High Res

The HDBaseT extenders enable the following distances to be bridged:

  • up to 120m: 3840×2160@60Hz 4:4:4 8bit
  • up to 150m 1920×1080@60Hz

This means that – depending on the spatial situation on site – 4k displays can be positioned up to a maximum of 240m apart and Full HD displays even up to a maximum of 300m apart.

HDBaseT-Matrix-Extender-System Back
Lindy No. 38345 – Rückseite Main Unit & HDBaseT-Receiver


HDBaseT-Matrix-Extender-System Login Screen
WebGUI – Login-Screen

Status Quo

A structured status and monitoring screen within the web GUI ensures a complete overview of the entire system at all times.

GUI on Bord

All configurations and switching operations can be carried out via the integrated password-protected WebGUI – from the input and output settings to the network and RS-232 parameters, video resolutions and EDID configuration through to the settings for the IR remote control.

HDBaseT-Matrix-Extender-System Status Monitor
WebGUI – Status Monitor


Audio output on the main unit

For each input channel, it is possible to decouple the respective audio signal from the HDMI data stream both on the main unit (e.g. for monitoring purposes) and on the receiver for playback on separate audio devices, as this enables flexible use of the system.