Training rooms & education facilities often require the latest technology to display and interact with content in an engaging and impressive way. The latest collaboration technology from Lindy allows you to create state of the art training & education facilities that push boundaries of attractive content layouts.



This multi AV processor switch sets new standards in the presentation of 4K content. Six different input signals (4x HDMI 2.0, 1x DP 1.2 and 1x VGA) can be used individually in full-screen mode or freely combined in sets of four in a wide range of different layouts for proportional scaling and display on a screen divided into quarters. Six preset and six freely definable layouts can be quickly called up by pressing buttons on the front panel or using an IR remote. There are also special functions, such as for rotating content by 90° or 180°. This meets the prerequisites for creatively working with content from different sources, for instance in conference or training rooms.



6 sources. 4x content. 1 display

Highly creative audio visual content greatly enhances the effectiveness of multimedia presentations, especially for sharing knowledge in conference or training rooms. Information must be presented in an impressive and memorable way for content to leave a lasting impact on the audience. Detail-rich images with resolutions up to 3840x2160p at 60Hz greatly reinforce this effect. Different video layouts, to which content from different sources can be quickly and flexibly assigned on the fly during a presentation, additionally enhance comprehension and transparency.

creative control

To ensure fast access to AV content and layouts during a live performance, the most important switching functions can be conveniently and flexibly controlled on the fly using a remote.


The audio signal fed to the analogue VGA audio jack is integrated in to the data stream while being converted into one of the supported digital AV formats. It can then be routed to the display for further use. Alternatively, it can be decoupled by a terminal block right at the switch and led to an external sound system. When showing multiple video images on the displays, the audio can also be taken from any content stream.

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