The new highly flexible KVM-over-IP system for the transmission and routing of high-resolution AV signals (4K30Hz) together with USB over IP networks via Gigabit Ethernet has been available from Lindy since October 2023.

4K30 HDMI & USB over IP Encoder (No. 38396)
4K30 HDMI & USB over IP Decoder (No. 38395)
4K30 HDMI & USB over IP Controller (No. 38397)

HDMI transmission with 4K30Hz via IP network

The system offers a powerful solution for creating a variety of customised, distributed AV and KVM installations. The complete system consists of encoder (No. 38396) and decoder (No. 38397) modules and a separate controller module (No. 38395). All modules are available separately so that the system can be set up and scaled according to requirements.

The product can be operated in various application modes:

One to One

A single HDMI source device and a display are connected to each other directly or via a LAN switch using an encoder, network cable and decoder. In this constellation, the system functions
as an AV or KVM extender with IP network as the transmission medium.

One to Many / Many to Many

One or several HDMI source devices and several displays are connected via a LAN switch to form an AV network. The content of each source can be switched to each display as required via the additional controller integrated into the LAN. The system thus becomes an AV/KVM matrix switch with an integrated extender function.

Video Wall

The content of each connected source device can be sent as video wall content to video walls of up to 9 x 9 displays using the controller. The system thus becomes a matrix switch with extender and video wall function.


All In One Solution

Application diagram KVM-over-IP system

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Ports on Decoder

Remote Control

USB KVM control access is supported for each connected module. This means that the PCs connected on the encoder side can be controlled from KVM consoles connected on the decoder side. The result is a spatially distributed KVM switch system. By combining several decoders with the displays connected to them, very impressive video walls can also be created.

Control Access

Ports on Controller

The controller unit coordinates the routing and switching options of the entire system with all encoders and decoders. It has two network connections, one for controlling and configuring the system using a notebook via LAN and one for controlling the system. Administration access to the system is via WebGUI, TCP, RS.232, IR or GPIO.