At Lindy we offer outside the box solutions to challenges arising from the digital technologies that shape our everyday lives. Our latest products offer a versatile and high performance solution for transmitting signals over ever greater distances using the latest available technologies.


Lindy is proud to say that we’ve aced support switching for and between all legacy and industry-leading signal technologies. Be it analogue or digital signal, conventional VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort, we are equally familiar with them all.

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If you need sleek, but sophisticated solutions to bridge larger distances, Lindy’s technology is the ideal and proven transmission method. We utilise our extenders and HDMI cables to implement limitless virtual connections.

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As media technology is becoming more and more diverse, it is pivotal to convert the signals reliably. Our wide choice of converters and adapters provide the perfect solutions for connecting modern computers to legacy devices.

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From HDMI and DisplayPort to USB, Ethernet and Power, Lindy cables and adapters are designed and manufactured for ultimate performance and reliability. The Lindy Cable Lines concept allows customers to easily select the perfect cable for any application based on performance, design and price. Lindy adapters and adapter cables are the convenient, cost effective choice for easily connecting a wide range different devices and interfaces.

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