Innovative all-in-one offering for AV and IT connectivity planned

Mannheim, October 2, 2023 – Lindy-Elektronik GmbH and the European specialist IT distributor EET Group will be going hand in hand in the future: Lindy’s extensive product range will now be integrated into EET’s existing portfolio. This collaboration is part of a comprehensive growth strategy aimed at becoming the European market leader in AV and IT connectivity solutions. A key element of this strategy is that Lindy’s cables will become an important component to EET’s already extensive cable assortment, which includes strong brands such as Vivolink, Lanview and MicroConnect.

“Transparency, quality, and customer focus are the cornerstones of this partnership. By joining forces, we can bring our product range more rapidly and extensively into the markets,” says Elia Lupi, Head of Global Sales at Lindy.

By this alliance, the two companies will implement synergy effects, share resources, and access new markets appropriately. End customers will also benefit from this win-win situation: “EET and Lindy not only have a perfect product match but also align in their entrepreneurial spirit, characterized by innovation, courage, and transparency,” says Elia Lupi.

Lindy’s “Cable Line” will primarily cover the premium segment of EET’s future cable range. The “Cable Line” range includes DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB cables from the four well-known product series: Black Line, Anthra Line, Cromo Line, and Gold Line.

One-Stop-Cable-Shop for every need

“We aim to provide an optimal customer experience, and to achieve this, we are welcoming Lindy into our extensive cable assortment in our One-Stop-Cable-Shop concept, where the right product is stocked for every quality and performance requirement. Lindy, with its Cable Line, is the ideal partner for this,” says Kristian Lading, Group Chief Products & Solutions Officer, EET Group. Both companies are pursuing ambitious growth plans. By 2026, EET Group aims to become the leading cable distributor in Europe: “With the new, widely positioned cable portfolio, we are now in a position to fulfill all customer wishes together with our partners,” says industry expert Lading.

EET’s future portfolio will also include other products from Lindy’s extensive range:  Connectivity products for converting, sharing, connecting IT and AV signals as well as extending their distance range. Kristian Lading says: “As a distributor, EET is established throughout Europe and have built up a large customer base. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer Lindy’s high-quality products to our customers in the future as a part of our One-Stop-Cable-Shop.”

Experience and innovation in a double pack

Lindy’s Elia Lupi welcomes the opportunities arising from the cooperation: “Over the past 90 years, Lindy has earned a reputation for the highest quality workmanship, advanced production, and innovative design. With this collaboration, we are creating another important sales channel for over 1,000 items from our 2,500-product range, thus laying the foundation for further growth.”

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Lindy-Elektronik GmbH, based in Mannheim, Germany, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of AV and IT connectivity solutions. Since its foundation in 1932, the company has specialized in high-quality technical innovations and is now represented in around 90 countries with sales and service subsidiaries. The development and marketing of leading technologies are as much a tradition at Lindy as the trusting development of long-term relationships with employees, partners, and customers. Values such as fairness, honesty, and integrity have been central to the company’s history for more than nine decades and are reflected in its mission and vision.