Lindy Announces New Partnership with Sonic Electronics

Lindy is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Sonic Electronics.

Sonic Electronics, based in Qatar, is a prominent distributor of cutting-edge AV technologies and services in the Middle East. With superior products, expert advice and outstanding customer service Sonic Electronics redefines the landscape of AV entertainment.

The partnership between Sonic Electronics and Lindy aims to revolutionize the way consumers connect and interact with their AV devices. By combining Sonic Electronics’ commitment to providing premium products and Lindy’s reputation for delivering reliable connectivity solutions, this collaboration will open new possibilities for seamless and immersive user experiences.

“We are glad to announce our partnership with Sonic Electronics and make the Lindy products available for the customers in the Middle East,” said Alexandru Tunaru, Head of International Sales at Lindy. “By combining our expertise in connectivity solutions with Sonic Electronics’ industry-leading audio and visual technologies, we are well-positioned to deliver unmatched experiences to customers in the Middle East region. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.”

“We are excited to partnership with Lindy, a company that shares our promises to providing innovative and latest solutions that enhance the Audio-Visual and IT Industry,” said Santhosh Vasu, General Manager at SONIC Electronics. “Lindy” as one of the world’s leading suppliers of Audio -Video cables, converters, switchers, adapters, extenders, and IT solutions will help businesses in the regions to take their collaboration to the next level of digital communications”.

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