Lindy announces a new distribution partnership with Green Sources Pvt. Ltd.

Green Sources Pvt. Ltd, the Indian based value-added distributor in AV & IT products signed a partnership agreement with Lindy. Both parties are celebrating this great opportunity for multiple reasons.

Green Sources, established in 2009, have operations across India, and they are one of the most recognised AV & IT distributors in the country. Together with Lindy they are an unbeatable pair as Lindy high quality and high-performance range covers the whole AV/IT cable & connectivity spectrum and all come with the Lindy guarantee as standard.

Elia Lupi, Head of the Global Sales at Lindy says about the partnership:

“Being distributed is very important for a manufacturer but being distributed by a value added distributor such as Green Sources is essential. We always look for territory coverage, competence, knowledge, support and professionalism when thinking of a partnership and we found all of these ingredients with Green Sources. We are thrilled to serve the Indian market with their help and support. Stay tuned. Lindy and Green Sources are coming to the market!”

Swadesh Khetawat, Managing Director at Green Sources Pvt. Ltd. comments the new cooperation:

“Introducing new products is nothing unusual. But partnering with a company like Lindy, which has stood its ground since 1932 for the values of fairness, honesty and integrity is surely some great news for Green Sources. Our Indian customers will surely benefit from the Lindy brand which has been synonymous with innovation and high-quality connectivity and technology solutions. Look out people, Lindy is coming to you in India, soon.”

About Green Sources

Green Sources Pvt. Ltd. is a value-added distributor in AV & IT products, with offices across India. They have gathered adequate experience to ascertain the best quality products for businesses. Today, they are known to offer the most sought after AV & IT products to their esteemed partners. Rated SME 1 by CRISIL (Highest level of Creditworthiness), they are known for their dependability, combined with financial safety and security for all their stakeholders. 

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