Linear Thinking: Lindy introduces four new cable lines

Lindy, a global supplier of combined connectivity solutions and professional AV & IT systems has introduced a new cable connectivity concept designated “Cable Lines”. These products meet the complex requirements of a variety of AV & IT applications in any environment. The new products are available in four variants, with each one being distinguished by technical and design features based upon meeting the needs of an application. These variants are: Gold Line, Cromo Line, Anthra Line and Black Line.

Positioned in the top price bracket, Gold Line cables are designed for demanding and mission-critical industrial and AV applications that don’t compromise on quality or durability. Cromo Line cables stand out with their striking design and are suitable for prosumer as well as public facing commercial installations where aesthetics matter most. Anthra Line cables are perfect for professional AV applications due to their reliability and high performance. And finally, Black Line cables are developed for home and small office use.

Alongside a period of global expansion, Lindy’s experts have identified four key environments which require bespoke cable solutions in an increasingly digitized and interconnected world. By visually and technically differentiating the four Cable Lines customers are able to make easier and more informed decisions to choose the right solution for any application based on function, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

“Through a ‘form follows function’ philosophy, we can create clarity and focus on the relevant information a customer needs to create their perfect application” explains Owen Haigh Head of Global Product Management at Lindy. “Cable Lines utilises years of experience in connectivity solutions, and its this experience that has created a function and strategy surrounding these products that is unique in the market” adds Christian Westenhöfer, Head of Global Marketing & Brand Management.

The new Cable Lines cover the following connection standards: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, USB 3.0/3.1 and USB 2.0. Depending on the chosen standard and Cable Line, different lengths are available, from 15 centimetres up to 25 metres. That latest cable technologies ensure the integrity and performance of all signal transmission across the Cable Lines. For example, Gold Line DisplayPort 1.4 cables support resolutions up to 8K 7680×4320@60Hz and 4K 4096×2160@120Hz.

Lindy’s Cable Lines: Reliability and Performance Brought Together
To ensure a longer operational lifespan and to make all products more efficient, all Cable Lines have been engineered with premium features such as:

  • Newly developed connectors: Completely sealed, protected PVC or metal connectors for unsurpassed product lifespan.
  • Reinforced cable strain relief: Added durability with a heavy-duty internal strain relief. 
  • Improved shielding: High density double or triple layer shielding surrounded by a robust PVC jacket for EMI resistance. 
  • Maximum Signal Strength: High purity copper conductors. Shielded with Mylar foil and a dense copper braid. 
  • Increased Warranty: All Gold Line cables come with a 25 year warranty. All other cables have 10 year warranties across Cable Lines.

Black Line
Universal Connections
Black Line represents universal connectivity and is a fully featured, entry level cable solution ideal for home and small office applications. Black Line uses Lindy’s advanced design and robust construction techniques to create a best in class cable solution that reliably meets the demands of modern devices and peripherals.

Anthra Line
Professional Choice
Anthra Line is the premium connectivity solution designed and tested for commercial use and high-performance professional AV and IT installations. Finely tuned for installers, with high-quality copper cable construction, Anthra Line cables ensure content is delivered reliably, no matter the environment.

Cromo Line
Performance & Design
Cromo Line cables are perfect for use in prosumer and commercial AV applications where high levels of performance and design are essential. Cromo Line benefits from unique chrome design connectors with gold plated contacts for a blend of performance and artistry that delivers stunning content reliably.

Gold Line
No Compromise
Gold Line has been developed with distinctive gold plated, full metal connectors to provide added strength and striking visual design. Gold Line’s capability for lossless signal transmission and incredible bandwidth over the longest distances makes for a no compromise cable solution in the most demanding environments.