Multifunctional 4K AV Education System

Optimised for Training and Conference Rooms

With the Multi-Function AV Intelligent Education System, Lindy introduces an AV system designed and engineered for installation in training and conference room environments. It consists of three components communicating via RS232 Cat. cable, a connection panel, a switch panel (both for wall or table mounting) and a stand-alone receiver unit. The latter forms the core component, switching all signals to the corresponding peripherals, i.e. AV content to the displays or the interactive Smartboard, audio content to the audio line outputs or via the integrated power amplifier directly to passive boxes. The HDMI display can be connected to a smartboard with touchscreen. The receiver unit is equipped with a USB input for the data of the touchscreen function.

The complete system consists of the receiver unit, the connection panel and the switching panel (from left to right).

4K AV Switch with 3 inputs included

The system supports resolutions up to 4k UHD (3840×2160@30Hz) over distances up to 40m and 1920×1200@60Hz over distances up to 70m between the connector panel and receiver unit – more than enough for small to medium training environments. Thanks to the implementation of HDCP 2.2 and HDCP1.4, even copy-protected content poses no obstacle to transmission via the system.

The connector panel houses the system’s AV inputs and a switch that allows switching between two HDMI input sources and a VGA source. In the latter case, an analogue audio signal can be fed in separately since VGA does not transmit audio signals per se.

The switching process can be triggered by a push button directly on the connector panel or on the control panel. The connection between the connection panel and the control panel is made via Cat. cable, which is an RS232 connection.

The communication between connection panel and receiver unit also takes place via Cat. cable, but this made by HDBaseT connection. Thanks to the 5Play concept implemented with HDBaseT, all RS232 control signals as well as the USB return channel for the touch screen function of the smart board can also be transmitted via this.

The system’s wide range of functions allows the complete training environment to be controlled.

Simple and intuitive operation via control panel

Finally, the input source (as described above) and audio volume can be set, and the display can be switched on and off via the control panel. The receiver unit supplies both the connection panel and the switching panel with power via PoH via the cat. cables. The system can be easily configured and administered via WebGUI.

Thus, the system can be controlled in a simple and intuitive way so that content, and not complicated operating concepts, inform the design of the lecture. With this system, Lindy addresses users in the area of small and medium-sized training room systems, such as meeting and conference rooms in companies.


The system will be presented at ISE 2020 as part of a more complex solution scenario and can be ordered from our experts, who will be happy to give you detailed advice in advance, or directly from the Lindy Web Shop.