Remote Operation and Monitoring with KVM Switching Technology – Control Rooms

Remote operation and clear data visualisation are two of the most challenging, and important aspects of creating a contemporary control room. By integrating Combined Connectivity Solutions that merge IT & AV functionality into a single unit control rooms can be built that are prepared for these challenges. This scenario example explores the use of Lindy KVM technology to create a modern control room fit for operation in manufacturing, broadcast and digital signage environments.

In this scenario four video and control sources use a KVM switch and KVM extension systems to provide simultaneous remote operation and monitoring of all four sources in a control room environment.

This suite of products forms an end-to-end connection beginning with four workstations, organised into racks in a server room which is located a considerable distance away. This server room can be up to 100m away from the end result of this solution. The workstations are connected via HDMI & USB cables to a 4 Port KVM Switch.

This switch has a quad view feature which allows up to four signals to be monitored and controlled simultaneously. These signals can be seamlessly switched between to eliminate downtime from source to display handshakes, a vital feature when monitoring mission critical systems. Switching is possible using either OSD, push buttons or RS232, the user can also use mouse inputs to swap between sources, or have a single source become full screen from quad view.

Inputs with a mouse and keyboard can also pass across all four displays on screen giving total control over all sources. This device supports 1080p input signals and 4K UHD output, allowing for all four sources to be displayed simultaneously in full HD.

This advanced switch is then connected to a KVM Extender transmitter unit via HDMI and USB cables. The transmitter then uses inexpensive CATX cable to send the signal over 100m to a receiver positioned near the display and input devices, which are then connected to the receiver via HDMI & USB cables.

This complete solution allows for a user to remotely monitor and operate the four workstations in the server room. This is particularly useful in control rooms in manufacturing plants or security control rooms where remote operation is vital. This solution makes an advanced control room with remote operation and full HD data visualisation possible with a cost-effective, versatile and easy-to-use suite of products.