The problem with USB

The data transfer speed with USB 3.0 is very good and the market for available peripherals is huge, but unfortunately the transfer distance is limited. Whether connecting to a printer, a camera or even an audio mixer, somehow the maximum 5m defined by the USB specification is always exactly half a metre too short…

USB in the office

Anyone who has worked in a home office due to the current pandemic or is now returning to the workplace is once again confronted with the problems with USB connection distances when maintaining new social distancing requirements. Desks have to be placed at a greater distance from each other and the lines to the centrally located devices are suddenly too short.

The problem with using Hubs

This problem can be solved with one or more hubs but then each of these hubs must also be connected to a power supply in the form of a plug-in power supply unit, which in turn requires a power outlet. With several extension segments this will quickly become very complicated and with ‘wire entanglement’ extremely unattractive and confusing.

The Solution

This is where the USB 3.0 active extension system from Lindy comes into play to bridge distances of up to 50m without issue. The system includes active extension cables at lengths of 8m, 10m and 15m with an additional active extension hub with 8m cable length. All these components can be used separately or connected together (as part of the whole extension system).

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Suitable for connections up to 50m combined from three different lengths

The 8m and 10m cable, and the 10m hub, feature a single active repeater module to boost the USB signal. The 15m cable uses two repeaters. A fully deployed extension system is limited to a maximum of 50m and 5 repeater modules. Any combination of cables and a single hub can be connected together as long as the 50m / 5 repeater limit is not exceeded. The extension hub must always be the last segment of the extension system.

The advantages of the systems

  • Extends USB 3.0 SuperSpeed signals up to 50m
  • Provides a fully modular extension solution using different length active cables
  • Saves on installation costs – only buy the lengths required, add more when needed
  • Connects up to four USB peripherals using an optional extension hub
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When using the hub, up to four USB devices can be connected to the system

How it Works

  1. The first active extension cable connects directly to the PC.
  2. Add additional extension cables up to a maximum length of 50m / 5 repeater modules.
  3. To connect multiple devices, use the extension hub as the final segment of the installation remembering not to exceed the 50m / 5 repeater rule.
  4. If required, use the supplied USB power cables / AC adapter for power hungry devices.
  5. USB peripherals can be connected to the extension system using a standard USB 3.0 cable with a recommended maximum length of 1.2m.