For practical reasons, the displays that make up video walls are usually controlled via the HDMI interface. Cables, connectors, extender systems – all AV transmissions here take place via HDMI. It is not unusual for displays to have no other AV interface at all, and so the connections for video wall control units must also […]

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Fibre Optic HDMI 18G Extender

Transmission of 4K content over 300 meters The Fibre Optic HDMI 18G Extender from Lindy converts 4K UHD HDMI signals into optical signals and transmits them reliably over up to 300m using a duplex LC-OM3 multimode fibre optic cable. The extender system consists of two modules, transmitter and receiver, which are connected to an HDMI […]

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Seamless matrix switch

Additionally allows definition of up to 2 video walls Lindy’s 8×8 Seamless Matrix Switch for resolutions up to 4K UHD (3840×2160@60Hz) offers features far beyond the common functionality of a matrix switch. This allows any number of selectable outputs to be linked together, which can then switch one of the 8 input signals to output […]

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Multifunctional 4K AV Education System

Optimised for Training and Conference Rooms With the Multi-Function AV Intelligent Education System, Lindy introduces an AV system designed and engineered for installation in training and conference room environments. It consists of three components communicating via RS232 Cat. cable, a connection panel, a switch panel (both for wall or table mounting) and a stand-alone receiver […]

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Modular Seamless AV Matrix System

Highly Flexible Configurable Switch for HDMI and HDBaseT Lindy’s 12 slot modular AV matrix system combines a highly flexible modular concept with seamless AV switching, integrated signal conversion and signal distance extension using HDBaseT. Every standard combination is possible, from one input to eleven outputs to eleven inputs to one output. Inputs and outputs can […]

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New Thunderbolt Range

Following the launch of the new Thunderbolt product portfolio, Lindy is presenting a new Active Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station. With Thunderbolt 3’s 40Gbps data rate a single 5k, or two 60Hz 4k monitors, can be connected to the docking station. This device also provides gigabit ethernet and USB 3.1, as well as an active power […]

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Lindy Cable Lines - Anthra Line

Cables for industrial applications – Lindy’s new Anthra Line

Lindy, a global supplier of combined connectivity solutions and professional AV & IT systems has introduced its new Anthra Line Type C standard USB 3.1 cables. Not only do they offer higher data transfer rates, they are also easier to connect and deliver more features and performance than their predecessors. In addition, they are able […]

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Lindy Cable Lines - Gold Line

Gold Line – the new HDMI and DisplayPort 1.4 cable lines from Lindy

Lindy, a global supplier of combined connectivity solutions and professional AV & IT systems, has introduced its new Gold Line HDMI and DisplayPort 1.4 cable range. They are designed for demanding Ultra HD scenarios that do not compromise on signal transmission reliability. For these data intensive signals – Ultra HD enables extremely high resolutions of […]

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Lindy Cable Lines

Linear Thinking: Lindy introduces four new cable lines

Lindy, a global supplier of combined connectivity solutions and professional AV & IT systems has introduced a new cable connectivity concept designated “Cable Lines”. These products meet the complex requirements of a variety of AV & IT applications in any environment. The new products are available in four variants, with each one being distinguished by […]

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Flexible Video Wall Scaler

Flexible Video Wall Scaler capable of scaling up a 4K signal over 40 irregular arranged screens

Following the introduction of the Modular Matrix at ISE 2017, Lindy has added another key device for sophisticated AV installations to their product portfolio in the form of a new Flexible Video Wall Scaler. The Flexible Video Wall Scaler can split, scale and output 4K signals across regular and irregular video wall installations made up […]

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